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What would I like to paint?




Clare Brownlow answers the question, “without limit of time or money, what would you like to paint?”

A fun question this one, if money or time weren’t an option, what would I paint? I would love to paint and go and see, first and foremost the big blue whale. To paint a massive, massive canvas would be awesome. The whale coming out the water with all the splashes I think that would be cool.

And on that subject sailfish too. When I was out fishing in Kenya on the coast, I would see sailfish coming out of the water. The splash would be epic to create that with the splatters. Sailfish shapes too are random and that would be amazing to capture. I’d love to do that.

Turtles is another one I would love to do. I swam and snorkelled in Oman with my father years ago. I remember swimming with these turtles, and they were just, incredible a once in a lifetime experience. Then my father being the joker that he is, dived right underneath me, underneath the turtle and went boo! I swallowed a lot of water, that was fun. That would be very cool to paint turtles. I didn’t see them in Greece this year but going back next year, fingers crossed I manage to see them then.

I’d love to paint camels with all their Moroccan dingle dangles, saddlebags and stuff. I think that would be a really cool animal to paint. To do it from the air as well, a line of camels with their shadows, that would be really fun.

There are loads and loads I’d like to paint. I want to paint everything if that’s okay! Lots of different things to paint.

Any suggestions of paintings you’d like to see? Let me know.

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