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Favourite Subject Matter to Paint





Clare was asked, “What is your favourite subject matter to paint?”

I just wanted to share with you about what I paint, why I paint and what I love.

Probably my favourite thing to paint would be birds in flight. The way in which the pheasant feather quill end skips across the paper and gives it that directional splatter. I love that movement and that sense of energy that’s really fun.

Pheasants are really ace to paint because they have so many different colours in them. They’re constantly around the garden and all over the place. Pheasants are absolutely beautiful birds.

I love painting flamingos. You don’t see many flamingos hanging around the Scottish Borders, unfortunately, because that could be quite cool.

Yes, birds would be my favourite thing to paint and most challenging actually. The most challenging thing is painting my fighting pheasants. I do two fighting pheasants a year, just two because it’s kind of the image that I got known for when I first started out doing the Pheasant Feather Art. I only do two just to make it more of a signature piece, more of a special piece. That means they’re always really, really big and they take ages to do as well. That’s probably my most challenging but yeah definitely birds in flight for my favourite subject matter.

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