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The Painting Dream



Clare shares the story of her painting dream and making it a reality.

I’ve always, always, always painted.

I have never really read books, much to my mother’s disappointment, who’s an English teacher. I’d far rather colour in and create mud sculptures and just be creative. I’ve always done it and I’ve always wanted to be an artist.

There was no other dream that I had. It was always been be an artist, live in the countryside, have a family and a Spaniel. Even though Spaniel’s drive me nuts but the fact is they’re family and family’s great. I’ve always wanted to be an artist.

If anyone says you can’t make a living out of being an artist, you can. It’s not easy, it’s really not easy.

But I think that if you love something so much and you’re so passionate about it, go for it and see if it works. If you have blips in the road, push harder. We’ve had a few bumps along the way, but I’ve got a supportive family and an ace husband who have pushed me on and believe in me. Plus, my clients and supporters who like my work are fantastic.

I am really lucky; I’ve always wanted to be an artist and now I get to live my painting dream. There wasn’t really anything else I wanted to be, apart from a vet. I did want to be a vet at one point. My uncle was a vet in Ireland and I spent whole days on my holidays over there in his surgery and had the best time. I just didn’t really like science and preferred to be in the art block at school, so becoming a vet didn’t work out.

I always wanted to be an artist and made my dream a reality. To make your artistic dreams become a reality too you need to follow what you want to do. Do something different though, add a different aspect and find your own way. Believe in yourself and work hard.

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