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Elephant Side Profile 67x85cm £2050.00

Lewa Patrick Mavros Exhibition


Clare discusses her trip to the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy that inspired the collection for her 2018 Patrick Mavros Exhibition.

I did an exhibition at Patrick Mavros in September 2018, which was probably the highlight of my painting career.

I went to Kenya years and years ago, with my parents as my father grew up out there for a while.  I went to this insanely incredible amazing place called Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

In February 2018 I went back out to Lewa again. This time to create the pieces for the Patrick Mavros exhibition to raise awareness and raise money to help this amazing conservancy’s incredible work.

To be out there and fully absorbed in the wildlife was just mind-blowing. Sitting there being surrounded by all these incredible creatures and just sketching and painting.  It was one of the most amazing experiences.

One of the places I went to was Sirikoi Lodge. They were beyond amazing and set up my little studio for the day – a table in the garden. There were elephants coming to the waterhole and just drinking.  To be immersed in it was just incredible, I didn’t know which way to look. Some of the paintings and sketches with my feather that I did there, ended up a bit weird. They’re on my studio wall now, they just remind me of that utter unbelievable moment of just being there surrounded by these elephants. It was magic, it was a dream come true. I had the best time.

I would recommend to everyone to go out and do a safari. And of course take a sketchbook too.

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