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I Love Painting

Clare was asked, “What do you love the most about what you do?”

What do I love most about what I do? I love my job; I just love painting. I love sitting in the studio with the bunnies and the dogs around by my feet.

I love creating something from nothing. Taking a blank piece of paper and producing something that I see on a day to day basis in the garden. Or special commissions, if someone sends me a photograph of a beloved horse or asks for a special bird that they love, I love those. I love being able to create something that means so much to somebody else. I’m really touched that people come to me and ask me to do these special commissions. I get a real buzz out of that.

For me the best bit about the job is being in the studio and just painting away. It’s making a mess and not getting told off by anyone. Because it’s my space I can be messy and I’m totally in charge. I love it when the kids come in and if they want to make a mess, they can. I won’t get that cross, unless they use my inks (then I’ll get really cross!). I’m very lucky, I love what I do being in the studio and painting.

Outside of the studio I do love meeting people and clients at shows and exhibitions. I love chatting to people, that’s fun. It gets me thinking by talking about what they want, what they want to see and ideas that they come up with that I haven’t thought of.

I love having a show, an exhibition. It’s terrifying to do but in the same breath it’s such an accomplishment. I love to be able to see what I’ve done over a year in the studio. While I’m in the studio I tend to get a bit single track-minded, head down and focus on the work. Then at the end, to see it all up on a wall it is such an accomplishment. Especially as it’s a process with lot of bonfires ripping out hair, a few tears (quite a lot of tears) and a lot of frustration. But the end result is really fun and very rewarding.

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