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 The Artist
Clare Brownlow trained as an artist at Edinburgh College of Art and then the Leith School of Art, where she specialised in oil painting and landscapes. Clare put down her paint brushes with the arrival of her two sons. It was whilst she was in Norfolk at her parents’ house having left her sketch book and paints at home in Scotland, that she took a tail feather from her father’s bunch of pheasant feathers, dipped it in some ink and Pheasant Feather Art was born. “The unique splatters gives the strokes of the feather an explosive energy and the way in which the quill end of the feather catches the paper gives the subject matter directional splatter effect and makes it some what come alive.”
Clare has exhibited in LA, Boston, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Calgary, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and London to name but a few. Clare’s work has been exhibited throughout the UK and she has fulfilled several commissions for overseas’ clients. “I love being able to travel to clients homes to see where they would like my art placed and what inspires them and have a discussion about what they are after. I love a challenge – a client asked me to produce a diptych of something that is ultimately Scottish but not stags or grouse. I did two huge paintings of a flock of puffins which was a challenge as it was the largest piece of work I have ever done so far but seeing it up in its Georgian splendour was just such a thrill.”
Clare’s roots are firmly in the countryside, both with her family and through her art. Clare has grown up fishing, shooting and stalking where an enormous amount of her inspiration comes from and you can see that she is passionate about all wildlife. She has spent time abroad but her heart is in Kenya, where her father grew up and where she has produced a huge collection of work from her travels.
Clare has raised a considerable amount of money for various charities close to her heart through her original artwork. “There are so many worthy charities that need so much. If I can help just a little through what I love and give back to the wildlife that inspires me every day that makes me so happy”
Clare intends to continue to grow through her art. She has dreams and aspirations of solo exhibitions in cities around the world. Clare is a very determined, energetic and positive person who has a unique selling point.

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